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Financial Literacy

Lots of stuff going on especially with Financial Literacy Month coming up this November. In my world, almost every day is Financial Literacy Day

I’m always trying to learn more about investing and anything related. Right now I’m reading a book called Money, by Felix Martin. Next, I plan to read a book on options trading. I’m sure for most of us, the idea of reading such books doesn’t trigger the same excitement as reading a best-selling thriller like Girl on the Train (which I read too), but it’s great stuff for investor nerds like me.

Speaking of thrilling reads, to encourage financial literacy among new investors, I’ll be offering a massive discount of $5 off my eBook, which is currently available for $6.99. So for the low price of $1.99, you can become financially literate in the short time it takes to read this easy book on your phone or tablet. What’s so thrilling about the book is how knowledgeable you become as you read it!



I’ve got another column coming out in Investor’s Digest of Canada‘s November 25th issue, which you can find at most Chapters Indigo stores. Earlier this month, I was on the cover, front and centre, for another column I’d written. 



Stock Picking Cont’d

I will also continue to blog my strategies on Stock Picking which I hope to complete over the course of November.


YouTube School of Investing & More

I’ll be posting a video on my process of selecting and analyzing stocks before the end of the year.

I’ll also be posting on various investment strategies based on investments I’d written about in my book to consider for the new year.


Transparent Investing

I’m going to be doing a STOCK INVESTING CHALLENGE. I’m opening a separate RRSP account and I’m going to put $1000 in it. I’ll be selecting Canadian stocks for the portfolio and posting every week the results, my picks, my strategies, my analyses on performance, and the markets. I’m going to be totally transparent to all my readers about the results.

My goal is to make that portfolio grow through stock performance and compounding its growth through regular deposits. It’ll be fun and a great learning experience for us all. I wonder if this is how David Blaine feels when he thinks of his next on-TV challenge…


Summer Kick-off at the Toronto Public Library in North York

This is an early announcement, but I’m too excited about it to keep it bottled up for almost eight months…

Mark your calendars: On June 20th, I’ll be hosting an event called, Investment Basics Made Easy, at the TORONTO PUBLIC LIBRARY! It’s going to be engaging, extremely informative, and loads of fun. If you’re brand-spanking new to investing, you’ll leave financially savvy and ready to make your money grow!

You really gotta love libraries and their commitment to being incredible resources to the public. The Toronto Public Library offers the Small Business Program in which they regularly schedule experts there to teach you about things related to business, marketing, and investing. I am so grateful for this wonderful invitation to share and engage with people interested in learning how to invest. 


That’s it for now, folks!