Stocks Under $10 – January 4

Happy new year!

Last night I printed out a list of TSX stocks held in the XIC ETF and I went through the ones under $10. I used to review the price history charts. My selection is based purely on price charts, consolidation, and volume. No one’s paying me to call out their stocks. I also didn’t perform any analysis on the fundamentals of each company. I love good charts, so this is a list of some good-looking ones.

Top Picks 
  • TRQ – Turquoise Hill Resources Ltd.
  • SSL – Sandstorm Gold Ltd.
  • LUN – Lundin Mining Corp.
  • KEL – Kelt Exploration Ltd.
  • IT – Intertain Group Ltd.
  • PD – Precision Drilling Corp
  • TA – Transalta Corporation
  • TOG – Toro Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • AIM – Aimia Inc.
  • MEG – Meg Energy Corp.
  • EXE – Extendicare Inc. (I already own shares of this one)
Decent Charts
  • WEF – Western Forest Products Inc.
  • ECN – ECN Capital (this is a newer stock)
  • SGY – Surge Energy
  • SPE – Spartan Energy
  • NSU – Nevsun Resources Ltd.
  • AAR.UN – Pure Industrial Real Estate Trust (This is a REIT)
  • NG – Novagold Resources Inc.
  • HBM – Hudbay Minerals Inc.
  • JE – Just Energy Group Inc. (This is an income fund)
  • MRE – Martinrea International Inc.
  • ESI – Ensign Energy Services Ltd.
  • DRG.UN – Dream Global Real Estate Investment (This is a REIT)

Some Things to Note

It looked like most of the picks were from the mining sector (mainly the golds) and from the energy sector. Looking at the gold ETFs, I really can’t tell if they bottomed long enough (think longer consolidation) to trigger a substantial bull run (bull, bullish = positive moves up in price). Although there is a hedge component to investing in precious metals should things go badly in the markets, you can still experience volatility with commodities. If it pains you not to participate in the potential gold rush (think swing trade, not super long term), then you could get in with fewer shares and consider managing your profits, i.e. moving your stop (your selling price) up as the reward doubles, triples, etc.

The energy sector, specifically oil, could make for a good swing trade, if not, then maybe for the longer term, for as long as oil keeps going up. Even though Trump could threaten trade with Canada, if oil goes up, this could be the trade that’ll boost your portfolio’s growth.

Some of these pay a dividend, some of them don’t, or recently stopped paying one. If you’re going to invest, please do your research and decide what you’d like the stock to bring to your own portfolio. Are you looking for a swing trade? Long-term growth? Income? These are some things to think about.

My Little Reminder/Warning

Please don’t just buy because it’s finally time to and you feel you can follow someone who seems to know what she’s doing for herself. We all have different capacities for risk and I fall into the category that falls under “aggressive!” The outcomes of my own investment decisions fall on me, just like they will for you. Know what you want for yourself and invest at your own risk!

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