The Transparent RRSP: Post #6

Actions Taken:
  • Bought 50 shares of Liquor Stores N.A. (ticker symbol: LIQ.TO) at $10.46 this morning
  • 50 shares x $10.46= $523.00 plus 0.50 cents in commission. I paid $523.50.
  • I also deposited another $300 this week because I got birthday money (my parents-in-law tend to spoil me!)
  • There is now $535.60 left to be invested for the next opportunity

Alcohol is a consumer staple that will carry people through good and bad times. For this reason, I believe it’s a good portfolio staple. Right now, what I want to do for this RRSP account is start it off with some solid stocks. I like to think of it as having good wardrobe basics in your closet first before leaping to more flashy and frilly gear!

This wonderful stock also pays a monthly dividend. I own this already in my TFSA at a nice lower price of $7.88. I like it because it pays a monthly dividend (currently at 0.03 cents a share).


It’s possible this could go lower in price. The pattern setups on the daily and weekly charts don’t inspire excitement and confidence in me. I do, however, like the clean setup on the monthly chart. To me, the larger time frame is more important than the shorter time frames. The current entry at $10.46 is close to where it last sold off at $9.80 as indicated by the pink arrow.

In case this stock doesn’t go down and continues higher from this place, I took action and bought 50 shares. If the setup were a bit better, I would’ve bought more shares. 

If it does go down more in price and then sets up again later on with a nice consolidation pattern, then you can bet I’ll be buying more shares!


4 thoughts on “The Transparent RRSP: Post #6

  1. Who do you deal with to get a commission of $0.50? You must have a very large portfolio and/or do numerous trades each quarter.

    F rom: Sent: Thursday, February 9, 2017 9:38 AM To: Subject: [New post] The Transparent RRSP: Post #6

    jeana2deal posted: “Actions Taken: Bought 50 shares of Liquor Stores N.A. (ticker symbol: LIQ.TO) at $10.46 this morning 50 shares x $10.46= $523.00 plus 0.50 cents in commission. I paid $523.50. I also deposited another $300 this week because I got birthday money (my pa”


  2. Good point! I’m with Virtual Brokers. Years ago I had a US margin account with them, but they changed their trade platform to something that didn’t work for us. I changed over to Interactive Brokers because the rates are the same. VB was gracious enough to continue my commission rate if I still kept an account with them, so I opened a TFSA. There is, however, a quarterly account fee of $24.95 plus HST for accounts under $5000.


  3. Why do you call LIQ a wonderful stock? They’re a very streaky, cyclical stock. They cut their dividend by 67% in Apr 2016. Annualized total returns (including dividends) have been -1.71% and +1.17% over the past 5 and 10 year periods.


  4. I wanted an affordable consumer staple in the portfolio and I didn’t buy LIQ only because of its dividend. First and foremost, I really liked the chart! For me, I look at the chart, its sector, and if it pays a dividend, then that’s a bonus. I bought this stock last year in February, so I’m actually up, not down, so I don’t consider this stock a loser. I’m averaging in on this through the RRSP because I see a new entry.


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