Canadian Stock Picks

I’m the luckiest girl trader in the world! While I’ve been busy hauling butt at work the last week, my man, JP, has been going through the entire TSX stocks list alphabetically, just looking at charts. He just finished “S” this morning.

I’ve gone through his list so far and I’ll provide them for you below under headings that should help organize them. These don’t all meet my volume minimum criteria of 10K shares per day, but below I’ve listed stocks I think are worth considering.

My Top Chart Picks 

These stocks have great charts (daily, weekly, and monthly). They could make a move soon, or have already started.

  • ARZ (This is a pharmaceutical company, so its risk level is MUCH HIGHER. Take fewer shares if you can’t resist.)
  • CF
  • CUF.UN (This is a REIT.)
  • CUS
  • GRL
  • ITX
  • KLS
  • MSI
  • NAL
  • ONC
  • SOY
Great Charts on Most Time Frames

I would prefer for these stocks to have a better setup on the weekly and/or monthly charts. This means they could consolidate longer, or trade closer to the last selloff period (marked by a pivot candle on the charts). Otherwise, they look pretty good.

  • ABT
  • BDT
  • BEI.UN (This is a REIT.)
  • CSW.A
  • MKP
  • MRE
  • REI.UN (This is a REIT.)
  • SRV.UN (This is an income fund.)
Keep Close Watch

These charts seem to be in the middle of setting up. They’re either having a bit of a selloff or they’re currently consolidating. The opportunity to buy could be soon, so keep a close eye on these!

  • AMI
  • CXR
  • ECN
  • IGG
  • LMP
  • MOGO
  • NCU

Some of these pay a dividend, some suspended or reduced their dividends, some don’t pay any. Please do your own research into the company and sector. Keep in mind what you require for your investment needs and expectations, as well as the most appropriate investment account  (RRSP or TFSA, etc.).

I hope to go through more stocks this week. I’ll be posting more, so stay tuned!


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