Some More Stock Picks


Some nice-looking charts
  • TNX
  • TOT (Very nice daily and weekly. Monthly looks so-so to me.)
  • ZAR (We own shares of this for a swing trade.)
Watchlist material
  • ACQ – This is a little off-script, but I like the YEARLY chart the most. The daily, weekly, and monthly charts need to shape up a bit to get me interested.
  • GEI – Interesting weekly and monthly charts. The daily chart needs to tighten up, but watch this in case the consolidation pattern tightens up.
  • TRIL – The third week up in a row on the weekly chart makes me want to wait for a better consolidation. I would like to see this shape up on all time frames. I’m drawn to this because it’s got a lot of room to zoom up.

Most of these are energy stocks, so please keep this in mind. For me, most of these are more suitable for swing trades. As always, I recommend you do your necessary research to satisfy your own strategies and your trading plan.

If you have any stock charts you’d like me to check out, feel free to contact me through the contact form on this website.

Happy long weekend!

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