One thought on “The Transparent RRSP: A Year in Review

  1. Hi Jeana,
    Re: Your 2017 performance numbers:
    Is the $92.04 you received in dividends not included in the ending balance of $3,319.89? If it is you should not input this amount again under “Total withdrawals & dividends” unless the dividends were withdrawn. Your Annualized Return actually calculates to 10.73% This isn’t bad when compared to 2017 returns for the TSX (9.1%) and the S&P 500 in $CAD (13.8%).

    You and your readers might find the “Periodic Table of Annual Returns for Canadians” a useful resource for comparing their individual annual returns against various benchmarks. The table covers individual years from 1970 to 2017. Its linked here:


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