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I’m giving away FIVE FREE PAPERBACK COPIES of my book, Loonie to Toonie ! I will hold a draw at the end of the month and the lucky winners will receive their very own signed copy!

To enter, CONTACT me and tell me about your biggest financial goal(s) and what you’d like to learn most about investing!

Honour of the Month

Thank you to Tellwell Publishing for naming me Author of the Month! 


It has been quite a journey. I just love that beyond writing a book that I can continue to share, motivate, and help educate others on achieving their financial goals through savvy money management, wise spending, and smart investing.

I’m looking forward to sharing more in the new year!

Column Published in Investor’s Digest



August 26th Issue


If you’re interested in investing in exchange-traded funds, you can read about the various ETF strategies I recommend in this issue of Investor’s Digest of Canada! 

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Column Published in Investor’s Digest

IDThank you, Investor’s Digest of Canada for giving me the opportunity to be a (front and centre!) contributing columnist in the July 8th issue! In this issue, I discuss my strategy of checking out stocks of lagging sectors. Sure, it can be scary to invest in something that has been underperforming, but I see opportunity where there is room for growth. I also offer a few stock recommendations. Check it out in the current Investor’s Digest issue!


Book Review and Book Giveaway Contest

A big THANK YOU goes to Mark Seed, one of Canada’s most influential financial bloggers of My Own Advisor, for generously providing a review of Loonie to Toonie. He is also holding a book giveaway contest, so if you’re interested in winning a free copy, please click here to enter! 

Radio Show: It’s Your Money Part II

on air

On CISL 650 AM: It’s Your Money

This coming Sunday morning on July 3rd from 9AM to 11AM PST, I will be on CISL 650 AM radio show, It’s Your Moneyhosted by certified financial planner, Fred Snyder. I was a guest on this show previously on June 19th and I’m so fortunate to be invited back as a guest again this long weekend. We’ll be discussing various topics related to investing and financial planning.

If you can’t listen to the show live at that time, you could always listen to the podcast once it’s up on the CISL 650 website. I really look forward to being a guest on this show again. Be sure to tune in! 

Radio Show: It’s Your Money

on air

What are you doing this Sunday morning? On June 19th from 9AM to 11AM PST, I will be on CISL 650 AM radio on this incredible show hosted and run by certified financial planner Fred Snyder, called It’s Your Money.

Fred Snyder is a huge advocate of financial literacy. Every Sunday, Fred educates his audience on the importance of setting goals and having a financial plan that supports these goals. He takes calls from listeners and offers advice with the input of his guests. If you can’t listen to the show live at that time, you could always listen to the podcast once it’s on the CISL 650 website. 

I am so grateful that I get to participate in this important conversation. I look forward to being a guest on this show!  

Investor’s Digest of Canada: Investing 101

Investors digest

Thank you Investor’s Digest of Canada!

Loonie to Toonie – Financial Basics for Canadians is the featured book of the Investing 101 section of Investor’s Digest of Canada! Purchase the May 27 issue to check out the full-page spread that includes excerpts of my book!