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Over ten years ago I inadvertently got into stock investing. I needed capital to start a business. Investing the meagre savings that I had put away for years seemed like my best and only option to fund my plans.

Up until this point in my life, I knew nothing about investments. I could not explain what a mutual fund was⁠—nor could anyone at the bank make it plain and simple to me for that matter⁠—yet for many years, that was where I had parked my money. I was fed up with the modest returns of my mutual funds and withdrew my money to invest in stocks. Still my understanding of stocks was confused and inaccurate. At that point, I quit my full-time job to fully commit to learning about stocks, the economy, and the world of finance.

Since this time, I have been approached by many seeking advice on investing. I discovered that most people⁠—regardless of their profession and level of education⁠—know very little about investing. Most of us know bits of information that simply don’t add up to a general understanding of how investments work.

Tired of the same lost conversations, I wanted to recommend some good reading to people. There are a lot of great books out there, but they all lay down information assuming the reader already knows the basics and is ready to jump into their strategies. I decided to write a comprehensive yet simple guide that teaches investing from the absolute beginning. Loonie to Toonie is designed to initiate the novice investor to financial concepts.

I am passionate about people’s desire to improve their lives through good money management and investing. Loonie to Toonie – Financial Basics for Canadians is a must-read for anyone who wants to feel empowered and knowledgeable before making decisions on their finances. I really hope my book helps you in your quest towards financial success and freedom!
I still actively invest in stocks and manage my own high-performance portfolio. After taking enough courses over the years, I am now a certified equities trader. I love sharing and writing about my investment ideas and developing educational content in my blog.

I’m now married and I currently live in Costa Rica with my husband. And, I’m working on my second book⁠—yay!


I invest my own money. I am not a professional advisor with a license to handle other people’s money or offer expert advice. I am doing all this because I love to discuss investing and I want to be able to talk about it with more and more people. The information I present and discuss is not intended to replace any professional advice and assistance. Before investing in anything, read my book, understand the risks, and seek the services of the qualified professionals out there. The risk of investing is on you – that means any rewards that result from your financial decisions is also on you!

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