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It was almost ten years ago when my man and I had ambitions of opening the greatest pub ever in Downtown Vancouver. We needed a solid business plan and a lot of money to make this happen. Our combined capital from savings and investments alone wouldn’t be enough. So we took courses in business, accounting, and investing. We developed an interest in stocks and explored the financial world through stock investing. We attended various investors conferences and enrolled in stock trading programs and securities courses. Eventually, we both quit our full-time jobs to learn how to trade stocks.

Then the unexpected happened. Friends, family, and acquaintances approached us to seek advice on investing. Some even offered to give us their money to invest. I discovered that most people we encountered – regardless of their profession and level of education – knew very little about investing. And why did they ask us questions and not the financial professionals? Then it became clear. People want to know more about investing before entrusting their money to the financial world.

I wanted to recommend some good reading to everyone. I searched around for something comprehensive yet simple – something that taught investing from the absolute beginning to initiate the novice investor to financial concepts. I was unsuccessful in my quest in finding a book that would be a solid pre-requisite to the other great financial books out there. So, I started to put together a handy little information manual which evolved into Loonie to Toonie.

I am passionate about people’s desire to improve their lives through good money management and investing. Loonie to Toonie – Financial Basics for Canadians is a must-read for anyone who wants to feel empowered and knowledgeable before making decisions on their finances. I really hope my book helps you in your quest towards financial success and freedom!

I still actively invest in stocks and manage my own high-performance portfolio. I continue to love sharing and writing about my investment ideas and developing educational content for my weekly blog


I invest my own money.  I am not a professional with a license to handle other people’s money or offer expert advice. I am doing all this because I love to discuss investing and I want to be able to talk about it with more and more people. The information I present and discuss is not intended to replace any professional advice and assistance. Before investing in anything, read my book, understand the risks, and seek the services of the qualified professionals out there. The risk of investing is on you – that means any rewards that result from your financial decisions is also on you! 


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