Book Giveaway!


I’m giving away FIVE FREE PAPERBACK COPIES of my book, Loonie to Toonie ! I will hold a draw at the end of the month and the lucky winners will receive their very own signed copy!

To enter, CONTACT me and tell me about your biggest financial goal(s) and what you’d like to learn most about investing!

Congratulations to the Winners of My Book Giveaway

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Thank you to everyone who signed up for the Goodreads Book Giveaway Contest for Loonie to Toonie! I am grateful for everyone’s interest. Please sign up to follow my weekly newsletters so that you may get updates on my latest ideas on money and investing, as well as hear about any new giveaways in the future. Thank you for your interest and support!

Goodreads Giveaway Contest: Enter to Win a Free Copy of Loonie to Toonie

Hey folks! 

If you’re interested in winning a free paperback copy of my book and willing to provide a review, please enter the Goodreads Giveaway Contest. 10 lucky contestants must qualify through Goodreads, a great site for people who love to read!

Please check out the Goodreads Giveaway Contest by clicking here.


Best of luck and invest well!